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Top 5 Hacks to Keep Your Car Leather Looking Like New

Top 5 Hacks to Keep Your Car Leather Looking Like New

Posted by Leather Milk Customer Orders on Sep 16th 2018

Howdy aficionados! We've got a brand new blog for you: "Best Leather Conditioners", courtesy of our friends at Car Leather Pro! Without further ado - take it away, guys!

Even after buying the most expensive and swanky car its look starts waning in a year or so. Not only that the car leather seat which was till now shining starts sporting a dull look. This happens either because of external factors or due to lack of adequate care. If you are also facing this problem with regards to your new car here we bring you top 5 hacks to make your car leather seat look as new.

Vacuum Your Car- Always a good place to start is to vacuum your car. A lot can be taken out with a strong current, and will leave your leather looking and smelling so much nicer. Not only this, vacuuming will also remove a lot of the harmful debris that will make your leather treatments less effective, clearing off the leather’s surface so your treatments can more easily penetrate it.

Leather Cleaner- Once you are done with vacuuming your car the next step is to clean the seats appropriately. The best way to clean your leather is with a professional leather cleaner. Leather Milk’s Straight Cleaner formula is one of the best in the biz, imbued with deep cleaning ingredients that purge impurities from within your leather’s pores, balanced with a gentle touch on the leather itself. Before you clean, make sure you test your cleaner first in a discreet area (watching how it dries), and apply gently to your leather, allowing it to naturally dry. You can read more about this formula in our Straight Cleaner Guide.

Homemade Cleaning Solution - If for whatever reason you lack a leather cleaner, you can make a temporary substitute. While it won’t clean your leather effectively, it can be good for getting out recent stains and blemishes, or giving your leather a light cleaning. Mild soap can work well: just lightly dampen a cloth with warm water mixed with mild soap, and gently buff your leather with it. Eventually, your leather will need to be treated with deep cleaner like Straight Cleaner to refresh its pores and promote breathability, so it’s a good idea to have that on hand before long.

Baking Soda - We all know how useful baking soda is in daily life but did you know its usefulness in cleaning leather seats. If your car seat has greasy or oily stains, these can be comfortably removed using the aforementioned cleaning techniques - as well as baking soda. When your leather is dry, sprinkle a little bit on the car seat and let it set overnight ideally, or a few hours at least. The powder should turn a yellowish color during that time, indicating it’s pulled some of those oils out of your leather. Afterwards, you can dust the powder off and remove anything extra with a damp cloth, alternating between powder and cleaner until your leather has been cleaned to your satisfaction.

Leather Conditioner - Like oils in your skin keep your own hide moisturized and soft, leather needs conditioner to remain supple, healthy, and protected. We personally offer Auto Refeshener for this purpose, designed especially for automotive leather and containing powerful UV resistant ingredients to protect your leather against sunlight decay (read more about this formula in our Auto Refreshener Guide). You can also check out for great leather treatment and buying advice - make sure to check them out. Whatever conditioner you plan to use, apply it across the surface in a light, gentle fashion with its accompanying applicator pad or a microfiber cloth. This leather conditioner is non-toxic and can be applied 5-6 times a year (or more at your discretion, depending on how much use the leather gets) to ensure that your seats look healthy and pristine for a long time after that.

We all want our car to keep looking its best for a long time. These simple and convenient hacks are enough to maintain the style of your vehicle. Adopt them routinely and this small effort would make sure that your leather car seats look their best always.

Thanks, for the tips, Car Leather Pro!

-Leather Milk Team