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Here at Leather Milk, we take our testimonials seriously, and we value the honest opinions from the folks who use our products. Explore some of our favorite Love Letters to Leather Milk below and find out why we’re the tops.


I was so happy and excited to receive your gift of your LeatherMilk #1 formula. I wanted to use it right away to see it’s impact and how it may augment the character of the leather bags. I was chatting with one of Saddleback’s customer service reps (who was delightful) and she informed me that all Saddleback bags are given their first conditioning before leaving the factory. She suggested that I wait a few months until I clean and condition my new Saddleback Flight bag and Doctor’s bag. One of the leather items I carry in my new Flight bag is my full-grain leather Franklin Planner (yes, I’m old school). My planner’s binder is close to 15 years old. I decided I wanted to try out your product and I didn’t want to wait months to do it. As instructed I applied a very small amount on the lower-back side of the planner to test it’s reaction to my leather. It was a thing of beauty. I slowly and effortlessly worked a small amount of #1 into the grain of the leather. Over the period of just a few minutes of applying and then buffing/drying my binder, the results are outstanding. I am so very happy with how LeatherMilk #1 performed. I can hardly wait for three months from now when I’ll be able to condition both my tobacco Saddleback Flight Bag & Doctor’s Overnight bag. Here’s a simple iPhone snapshot that I took of my 15-year old planner’s binder after I conditioned it with LeatherMilk #1. The leather is soft, supple and glowing and it looks like it too just came out of the factory. I am so happy with the results.


of Ohio

Good Morning ...... I Don't Normally Do Product Reviews But I'm Making An Exception For Leather Milk. I Love A GOOD Leather Chair..... I Own Five Of Them. I Purchased My First As A Newlywed When It Was Way Beyond My Means. Unfortunately Our Oldest Son Ravaged It As A Youth And For Years It Stayed In A Spare Room Out Of Sight. I Noticed It Recently And Decided I Would Attempt A Restoration And Perhaps, If Successful, Move It To My Bedroom For Late Night Television Viewing. I Went Online To Choose My Weaponry And Selected Chamberlain's Leather Milk Along With The Healing Balm. Rarely Have I Ever Been So Pleased With A Product !!!!! The Chair Is Not Completely "Healed" But Its Appearance Has Dramatically Improved And It Now Has A Fighting Chance. I'm So Pleased With The Leather Milk And Healing Balm That I'm Going To Use Them On My Other Chairs At Our Cabin. Thank You For A Quality Product ..... I'm Sure I Will Be A Repeat Customer !!!!!


of Georgia


After running a high-end detail shop for close to 40 years, I have used a lot of premium leather products. I can say without a doubt that your leather balm is the absolute best product that I have ever used , especially on vintage leather. Over the last few days I had the opportunity to try this product on my vintage A2 flight jacket and vintage original leather automotive seats. I was very impressed at how supple it made the old leather feel and how it restored the color. The scent of the product is also quite pleasant.


Owner of California Auto Detailing


"If you’re like me and you become quite obsessive about that pair of shoes that you feel can take you anywhere, or that bag that is just so you that you can’t imagine living without, you’ll really appreciate discovering the Chamberlain's Leather Milk Restoration Kit. ...All things considered, I like to think of my Chamberlain's Leather Milk as a small price to pay to save money long term and help set out some priorities for my future purchases."
A Drop of Indigo Review


Art Director and Managing Editor for A Drop of Indigo


"The No.1 Leather Care Liniment is a cream that is absorbed very easily and its smell of almonds and cherry makes you want to drink it (literally) instead of applying it to the bag." (translated)
Muniaty Review

Sara muniaty

Fashion Designer of Muniaty Brand


"So if you're looking for something to protect and condition all your leather goods, I can't recommend Chamberlain's products enough. Their products are non-toxic and they work! A quick scroll through their blog shows you how well they know how to take care of leather. I'm tempted to go thrift shopping and find the most beat up leather item and see if I can't make it look as good as new with their products."

Temporary-house wifey

Professional Blogger


Excerpts from video review: "I've used my wallet daily in my back pocket for well over six months now, and it got to the point where it wasn't looking so nice so I figured I'd give these products a try. I'm happy to say how amazing these products work. They have restored my wallet to like new. ... If you've invested in Saddleback Leather products and/or other leather products, I highly recommend Chamberlain's Leather Milk products. ... It's truly, truly good stuff."
The 112 Video Review

The 112

Youtube Reviewer


Excerpts from video review: “This belt looks amazing. I really wish these colors would come through more on camera, so you could see exactly. But what once was a really dry, and just – I wouldn’t say crappy looking. I mean it had a lot of character, but man. This is just beautiful. ... It doesn’t feel like a coating; it feels like it’s something that’s sucking into the leather and just getting into all those nooks and crannies.”
The Boot Guy Video Review

The boot guy

Blogger, Reviewer, Youtube Star


"I just bought a used leather Chesterfield sofa off of Craigslist. It was purchased from Ethan Allen years ago and it obviously wasn't taken care of. After reading all the wonderful reviews about Chamberlain's Leather Milk I bought #5 and went to work cleaning and conditioning the sofa. I couldn't believe how beautiful it looked after I was done. The shine looks like the sofa is made of glass. I then used it on two of my leather tote bags and they look like I just bought them. I will be buying more of these amazing products."


Customer on Facebook


"'s time to restore the oils and nutrients that make the leather pliable and healthy. There are many products available for this purpose, but in my opinion, few can compete with Chamberlain's Leather Milk No. 1.

zachary shenal

Photographer & Blogger for HuckBerry, Outward Bound


"We tried and tested many different products on our leather handbags before they go out to customers to make sure they look tip top. Leather Milk is by far our favourite brand and we recommend it them every single last one of our customers every time they buy from us. From a company that relies on quality looking leather products, we wouldn't recommend anyone else."

amilu uk

Leather Fashion Company, Derbyshire, England


"This conditioner is simply astounding! I used it on an old, old bag and it softened the leather and renewed the color. I used it on my briefcase and scratches and marks disappeared! I even used it on a leather duster I have, and not only did it restore the leather, it also smells nice! Some leather products are chemically based and it shows in the nose! Not Leather Milk! Now, if it would only work on my face, to remove wrinkles, soften the skin, get rid of them nasty old age spots...alas, I guess only my leather goods will benefit. Buy some, use it, enjoy it, your leather will thank you for it! There is one problem with Leather Milk that you should know about before you purchase. You won't be able to buy just one bottle! Once you see what it does for your leather goods, you, and your leather, will be hooked! This is a great product, by a great company, the performs a great what's not to love?"

tim g.

Amazon Customer