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Suede & Nubuck Care Ensemble

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This kit contains the tools you need to gently clean and maintain your suede nubuck clothing, bags, purses and shoes. 

Cleaning and preserving Suede and Nubuck can be tricky. We take a natural and conservative approach to this task by using lint-free cleaning cloths, a Natural Brass Wire Bristle Brush, A Suede/Nubuck Spot & Stain Eraser Block and a Horsehair Nap Smoothing Brush. 

Tools include:

  • (1) Suede/Nubuck Brass Wire and Natural Bristle Brush with Oiled Beechwood Handle
  • (1) Suede/Nubuck Spot & Stain Eraser Block
  • (2) Premium Lint-free Cleaning Cloths
  • (1) Beechwood Fine Horsehair Nap Smoothing Brush

How to naturally clean Suede & Nubuck:

  • Lightly brush away surface dust and debris with the Brass Wire and Natural Bristle Brush. 
  • If spots remain, gently wipe the affected area with a slightly damp lint-free cleaning cloth. Wipe against the grain. 
  • Allow to completely dry away from direct sunlight or heat. 
  • Once dry, erase any remaining imperfections (if any) by gently using the Spot and Stain Eraser Block as if it were a pencil eraser directly on the remaining affected area(s).
  • Final step: Gently brush the nap back into the natural directional pattern by using the Horsehair Nap Smoothing Brush.

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