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Auto Leather Care Ensemble

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Presenting Leather Milk's new Auto Leather Care Collection! Inside this intuitive and carefully prepared bundle, you will find everything you need to clean, condition and protect your car’s leather interior. 

Wrapped in a stylish box ensconced in rustic burlap, our complete ensemble of automobile leather tools:

  • (1) Premium Beechwood Duster Brush with leather hanger
  • (1) Black Bristle Cleaning Brush
  • (1) Horsehair Bristle Detailing Brush
  • (1) Auto Leather Seat Vent Hole Debris Removal Tool
  • (2) Premium Lint-free Applicator Cloths
  • (2) Premium Cotton Applicator Pads
  • (1) Premium Applicator Sponge
  • (1) Tin of our Signature Chamberlain's Leather Milk Healing Balm

Also included: our all cosmetic-grade formulations of 6oz Straight Leather Cleaner No. 2, and Auto Conditioning Refreshener No. 4 with added UV Protection.

Whether you're restoring an old classic car or just protecting the leather in your new one, this bundle will preserve and maintain the leather in these cherished investments. There are 3 different leather treatment formulas with 5 Applicators and an additional 4 detailing tools to secure success.

Our horsehair-bristled detailing brush gently removes granules of dirt trapped in your leather's creases and stitching. The black bristled cleaning brush is excellent for hardier debris removal and the Beechwood long duster brush with a leather hanger is used routinely to quickly dust in and around air vents and other thin crevices.

Leather Milk’s Healing Balm is our most curative recipe yet this formula not only disguises scratches - it can make them practically disappear! Designed to enrich color without affecting gloss and other shiny finishes, we hope you'll find this new addition to the Leather Milk family as much a treasure as we do. Combined with our two other classic Leather Milk recipes, you will never want for more.  Be advised, treatment may result in a sense of improved engine performance!

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