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Restoration Kit Guide

Restoration Kit Guide

Posted by Leather Milk Customer Orders on Oct 27th 2018

Should I buy Chamberlain's Premium Leather Restoration Kit for my leather? How should I use it? What results should I expect? All this and more will be revealed in this handy guide!



Restoration Kit is the dream toolkit we've always wanted to make, assembling our most indispensable leather care recipes and application tools into one pristine, concise set. Whether you are trying to repair scratches on your furniture from a lovable pet, or waterproofing your saddlebag for a foray out into the great wilderness outdoors; whether you are trying to clean up a stain, or restore very dirty leather, or strike new color back into old, neglected leather that has faded over the years from neglect - Restoration Kit has everything you need restore your irreplaceable treasures to their former glory.


Brewed to perfection with all-natural ingredients and an optimal pH-balanced recipe, this environmentally friendly leather care formulas stand out from the crowd for its distinctive style: a rich, creamy consistencies laced with exotic scents - such as cherry or almond - that last as long as the recipe takes to absorb into your leather. Made with FDA approved cosmetic grade ingredients safe for human skin, we’ve even watched people drink our Leather Milk recipe straight out of the bottle like actual milk! We wouldn’t personally advise doing this, of course! Restoration Kit comes with 4 of Leather Milk's most celebrated formulas - each intricately made to fulfill a niche no other recipe can - and includes Leather Care Liniment, Straight Cleaner, Water Protectant and Premium Healing Balm.


Restoration Kit will arrive to your doorstep in a stylish storage box ensconced in rustic burlap, complete with our favorite ensemble of leather care utensils, including: one horsehair brush, two microfiber cloths, two applicator sponges, three detailing staves, and three cotton terry applicator pads, all arranged aesthetically around our four featured premium Leather Milk recipes. Use this complete toolkit as your own reparation station to clean, condition, restore, protect and beautify leather of nearly any kind! All Leather Milk products are made in USA.


Very little! Restoration Kit was designed to cover as many bases as possible, giving you a wide palette of diverse treatments and tools to cover nearly any situation. Some exceptions exist, and serious deterioration or staining may require additional techniques found beyond standard cleaning & conditioning treatments. For instance, leather that has lost significant amounts of dye will need to be re-dyed to fully restore its color, rather than using conditioner to sharpen and balance the color already there. Ink or gasoline stains (which effectively re-dye leather) will similarly not come out with any conventional leather cleaner (as agents strong enough to move these stains will be strong enough to remove surrounding dyes). If you are curious whether Restoration Kit's treatments will remove or fix whatever ailment is afflicting your leather, send us a message over at customer service and we'll advise you as best we can!

Restoration Kit is not designed to treat nubuck, suede, “genuine leather,” napped leather, or other extremely soft leathers. Read more about suede.


1. Determine what type of leather you have, and consult any leather care instructions that may have been included with it (or are available on the brand's website). A general rule to follow is that softer, more natural, and more absorbent leathers will benefit most from Leather Care Liniment, hearty, tough leather will benefit from Water Protectant, and leather with deep scratches, cuts and bruises you wish to disguise is best served with Healing Balm. If your leather is fairly dirty, or hasn't been cleaned in a while, treat first with Straight Cleaner, and allow leather to naturally dry before treating again.

2. Consult our leather care recommendations for your chosen Leather Milk formula found on each bottle. You can find more detailed leather care guides for each of these unique recipes below.

Leather Care Liniment Guide

Straight Cleaner Guide

Water Protectant Guide

Premium Healing Balm Guide

3. Determine what tools you will use to treat your leather. Each instrument can serve a variety of purposes and work well in multiple kinds of situations, but we've found the best ways that work for us are to use the applicator pads for general treatment, applicator sponges for treatment with Healing Balm (and other concentrated, paste-consistency formulas). The horsehair brush is excellent for brushing off granules caught in your leather, removing debris in tight places, like stitching or other crevices, and is also useful for maintaining suede linings. Detailing staves offer improved handling in hard-to-reach areas, allowing you to apply formulas in places a pad or sponge cannot go, or around delicate features, such as an inside corner of a pocket, or around an embroidered decoration. Lastly, the microfiber cloths are an excellent complement to cleaning & conditioning, and work especially well for buffing and drying leather.

4. Combine Leather Milk formula and applicator tool of your choice to treat your own unique leather. In most cases, you will simply need to clean & condition your leather, using Straight Cleaner & and one other conditioner included in the kit, whether Leather Care Liniment, Water Protectant, or Healing Balm. You may also find yourself in more unique situations as you maintain your leather, such as removing a water stain, darkening or lightening up your leather, or even giving your leather item a distressed or patina aesthetic. We have a variety of blogs dedicated to unique leather care situations like these, so feel free to consult our online help as needed, whether via blog, or e-mail, or (during available hours) through our live chat window!

5. Use Restoration Kit as often as you feel your leather needs it. It is usually best to condition 3-5 times a year, and deep clean with Straight Cleaner at least twice a year (or whenever fairly dirty), depending on the climate and amount of use the leather will receive, as well as its type (read more about types of leather). If your leather is feeling rough and dry, starts squeaking, absorbs fluids more quickly, or develops other textural changes, it may be time to re-condition.


Restoration Kit was designed to be our all-inclusive toolkit, giving you everything you need to maintain or restore your leather in almost any imaginable situation. There aren't terribly many leathers this kit won't treat, although the type of leather you are treating may demand a differing approach from the next leather item. Follow the aforementioned directions, test first and apply gently, and give only as much conditioner as naturally absorbs at a time. Unfinished leathers are generally very absorbent, so if you have any leathers made from top grain, vegetable tan, aniline finish, or any otherwise very natural make, use extra caution when treating, as they will absorb anything you give them rather quickly. Similarly, neglected or extremely dry leather will also drink your treatments up more quickly and in greater quantity than usual. Keep the same pace as you would treating any other leather, allowing the treatments to absorb into the leather at a steady pace, until the leather has had its fill. Buff off any remaining residue and allow the leather to dry naturally.

If you have any allergy concerns, be sure to Contact Us to ensure none of the ingredients will be harmful to anyone coming into contact with the treated leather. Individuals with nut allergies are not advised to use Leather Milk. For more health recommendations, please visit our dedicated SDS (Safety Data Sheet) page.

If you are a leather aficionado like us, and enjoy keeping a wide variety of leather artifacts around you at any given time, or you enjoy repairing leather and making old hides look brand new, Restoration Kit was made especially for you. Test your recipe on your leather first and maintain it well – and Leather Milk will save your hide!