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The Story Of Leather Milk


Once there was a fine leather factory operated by the Chamberlain’s...

The leather connoisseurs sought to ship their leather goods in impeccable condition. Day in and day out the leather was gently worked and reworked to preserve the leather in tip-top condition, for there was nothing worse than the Chamberlain’s chapped hide.

The Chamberlain’s treated hundreds of thousands of leather goods. As time passed, they sought to find a leather-care recipe that preserved and protected the leather. Every. Single. Product. Failed. There simply wasn’t a product in existence that conditioned leather goods to their level of expectations. Some products dried and chapped the leather, while other products used chemicals that were more dangerous than going hunting with Dick Cheney. It was then when the Chamberlain’s knew the task at hand: To create an all-natural, all-American product to condition and protect leather.


Frustrated by other products.


Now, where to begin?

We have the Chamberlain’s. Leather experts? Yes. Scientists with a background in creating formulas that are anti-chemical and all natural that not only restore but also preserve leather to withstand the test of time? Not so much.

As you can imagine, the Chamberlain’s went through one epic experimentation phase,
not much unlike the glory days of college. Laboratory fires, amputations, mutations,
PETA, FBI, you name it. (Only kidding, no animals were harmed in the making of Chamberlain’s Leathermilk products.) However grand the trial and error phase may have been, it is the end result that is truly noteworthy.

After dozens of attempts...

After dozens of attempts, sleepless nights, and bickering back and forth on the ideal recipe, finally one concoction had our leather smoother than aged-whiskey. All-natural? Check. American-made? Check. Restored and preserved leather? Check check.

Keeping your hides around for good.

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk was formulated using a water-based blend of oils, nutrients and a bit of mystical properties we will spare for sake of your time reading our story. The Chamberlain’s, ever passionate about their product, continue to evolve Leather Milk to preserve, protect, restore, water-repel, and shine leather. It was up to the Chamberlain’s to create a leather conditioner to preserve the stories told in each leather product, so milk your leather for all it’s worth, because history is worth preserving.

A Mighty Fine Water-Based Blend of


Mystical Properties