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Muniaty Dances with Leather Milk!

Muniaty Dances with Leather Milk!

Posted by Leather Milk Customer Orders on Jul 20th 2017

It's time for a spotlight on our new friends at Muniaty, leather aficionados! After discovering Leather Milk on Instagram, we received a request from these gurus of leather fashion to send some of our favorite recipes for a feature review! As you can imagine, we were tickled pink at the idea, and happily obliged. In short notice, sample bottles of Leather Care Liniment, Straight Cleaner, and Water Protectant were sailing across the seas for their new, destined home within the cozy halls of the Muniaty studio in Madrid. After giving Leather Milk their own trial by fire, Muniaty is ready to share their thoughts with the world. Check it out!

Muniaty's Story (lifted and translated from

Muniaty is an Arabic word meaning "my desire." As envisioned Sara Fassi, a Moroccan-born fashion designer based in Madrid, the very soul of this brand is the result of the union between tradition and design. Its ambition: to trace echoes of the past to modern styles and fashions, and merge the two through quality leather items and accessories marked with Moroccan roots. Each and every item is a unique treasure unto its own, made with fine leathers, suede, silks and linen, stylized and personalized with serigraphs and embroidery, and all harkening back to Morocco's warm landscapes and vibrant colors.

First up, Muniaty put Leather Care Liniment to the test on their signature Havana SLR Camera Bag, made with 100% cowhide, and built to last for both daring excursions in the world abroad, and through the rugged ordeals of everyday life. They go on to give extensive instruction on proper use of leather conditioners, along with some cheerful evaluations.

The #1 Leather Care Liniment is a cream that is absorbed very easily and the smell of almonds and cherry makes you want to drink it (literally) instead of applying it to the bag.

Next up was Muniaty's Yara Leather Shoulder Bag, a sturdy work of quality cowhide and goatskin lining with a "chic vintage air." It's smart, functional design, from its miniature size to its conveniently sized interior pockets make it an ideal companion for "leaving home with the minimum." Alas, this particular Yara bag had been stained by some unknown contaminating assailant and was prime ready for Straight Cleaner to strut its stuff.

Although not well appreciated in the images, the bag had some small stains that have disappeared as if by magic. I also tested this product on a pair of boots and the result is truly amazing.

Following up their leathery denouement - the handmade Bolso Bandolera Mini Gueliz - Muniaty at last put Water Protectant to the field. I must say, if e'er our wintery and weather ward had a soul mate in leather, it might just be this: a fashion chameleon that can blend with any look, combining functionality, design and quality with a decorative skin harkening back to a 70s flavor, all made with high-grade leather built to last a lifetime.

If I had to choose a [favorite] product, I would take the #2 Straight Cleaner Formula; this super spot cleaner surprised me a lot. I think we all have to have one at home. As it must be used with a conditioner, in this case, I would take the #3 Water Protectant Formula. As well as providing softness to the bag, it protects and makes it impervious to water.

You can check out the full review here at Muniaty's website. If you've got the time, take a few moments to check out their excellent craftsmanship - from leather handbags to designer shoes, exotic jewelry and handwoven baskets, Muniaty is a virtuoso in the art of masterful temptation. You won't regret a second of your excursion.

Thanks Muniaty!
-Leather Milk Team