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Healing Balm Guide

Healing Balm Guide

Posted by Leather Milk Customer Orders on Apr 11th 2017

Should I buy Chamberlain's Leather Healing Balm for my leather? How should I use it? What results should I expect? All this and more will be revealed in this handy guide!

What Leather Healing Balm Will Do

Touch Up & Detail Your Leather's Blemishes Away!

Healing Balm contains deeply penetrating natural oils and waxes designed to adhere to and complement your leather's natural aesthetic. Whether shiny or matte, or gifted with the timeless beauty of a naked grain, Healing Balm will enrich your leather's finish with a precision and nuance it's only dreamed of. Specifically designed for touch up and detail work, Healing Balm works best on worn-out leather in need of an surface level makeover.

Environmentally Friendly, All-Natural, Safe for Human Skin

Brewed to perfection with all-natural ingredients and an optimal pH-balanced recipe, this leather conditioner stands out from the crowd for its distinctive style: a rich, pasty consistency laced with scent of tropical coconut. This subtle sensation lasts only as long as the conditioner takes to absorb, and will not affect your leather's natural scents - we're as big a fan of them as you are! All the while, Healing Balm is environmentally friendly and made with FDA approved, cosmetic grade ingredients, completely natural and safe for human skin. We’ve even watched people drink our other Leather Milk recipes straight out of the bottle like actual milk! We wouldn’t personally advise doing this, of course! I can't help but think how much Healing Balm looks like delicious batter...

Immaculate, Renewed Leather; Made in USA

Healing Balm has the best results when complemented by Leather Care Liniment No.1. Healing Balm is good for gently touching up areas of blemish, whereas an application of Leather Care Liniment afterwards can even the color out, as well as thoroughly condition and protect the grain beneath the surface. While leather, once cut or scratched, cannot be mended back together, Healing Balm will make nearly all these blemishes disappear as if by magic, thickly disguising cuts, scratches, scars and cracks with unparalleled ease.

All Leather Milk products are made in USA.

What Leather Healing Balm Does Not Do

Healing Balm is not designed to be a self-sustaining leather conditioner. While Healing Balm does condition leather, its primary effects are cosmetic, and use as a conditioner may result in a heavily saturated finish that does not take advantage of Healing Balm's beautifying potential. Instead, Healing Balm is best used as a supplemental, touch up conditioner and refiner. Healing Balm should not shine or matte leather - only enrich finish already present.

Healing Balm is not a leather cleaner, and will not remove stains. For best results, leather should be cleaned prior to using Healing Balm with Straight Cleaner No.2. Dust and debris not first removed by cleaning will be sealed inside leather’s pores once Healing Balm is applied. These contaminants may harm your leather, and will prevent Healing Balm from absorbing effectively. If your leather is dirty, it's a good idea clean it first.

Healing Balm is not designed for nubuck/suede/”genuine leather”/napped leather. Use with care on lighter-hued leathers. You can read more about the marketing (misnomer) term "genuine leather" and what that means here.

How to Use Leather Healing Balm

1. If available, consult any leather care recommendations included with your item by the leather’s manufacturer.

2. Test recipe first in a discreet area and allow to dry naturally in a cool, clean location away from sunlight and heat. If you do not find excess color rub off, discoloration in leather, or any other negative effect, it is safe to use on your leather.

3. Clean over the surface of your leather with a damp cloth or Straight Cleaner No.2 first if it is dirty. When the leather is dry, gently dab Healing Balm or spread lightly across blemishes in decorative fashion. You can use your premium absorption sponge, fingertip, or other soft application device. If piled on too thickly, the leather conditioner may leave a sticky residue. You can read about over-conditioned leather here.

4. Allow your leather to dry naturally. You might find it helpful to even the leather's color out with a helping of Leather Care Liniment No.1 after Healing Balm has been applied. When the leather has absorbed all the conditioner it can, buff off any remaining residue, and let it set. For best results, allow the leather to sit overnight.

5. Use Healing Balm at your discretion, whenever the leather is blemished beyond a leather conditioner's ability to heal. You can better protect your leather by giving Leather Care Liniment ahead of time.

Is Leather Healing Balm Right For My Leather?

Healing Balm is best used on quality cowhide, full grain and finished leather, although it can work well with most types of leather. It is especially important to test Healing Balm first in a discreet area before using it on any vegetable tanned, aniline, semi-aniline, or lighter colored leathers. Due to Healing Balm’s heavy consistency, it will darken leather. These darkening effects will usually lighten back up to a degree within a week of use as the conditioner has time to absorb, but it depends on the leather’s type. Some exotic or very soft leathers are not designed to handle large concentrations of oils and waxes. That said, Healing Balm can be used safely on most leather types, as long as it is tested first.

Healing Balm is at its best when it is giving new life to worn out leather and mending together an unsightly scratch or scar. If you've got a old leather handbag you'd like to furnish with a few stubborn scrapes, or a worn out couch that's cracked at the surface from neglect - Leather Healing Balm is the precision fixer-upper you need.

Finally, if you have any allergy concerns, be sure to Contact Us to ensure none of the ingredients will be harmful to anyone coming into contact with the treated leather. Individuals with nut allergies are not advised to use Leather Milk. For more health recommendations, please visit our Safety Data Sheet Page.

Welcome Leather Healing Balm into your hearth, and it keep your treasured leather patched up and beautiful for many years to come! Test it first and use it well – and it will save your hide!

Hope this helps!

Daniel S

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