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Healing Balm Magic!

Healing Balm Magic!

Posted by Leather Milk Customer Orders on Nov 14th 2017

Hello aficionados! We've got a magic trick to show you today! I want you to focus really hard on this picture of a busted and beaten up leather bag for 60 seconds. Really bore into it here. Get your eyeballs flexing. See nothing but the bag. Have you hit 60 seconds yet? How are you looking at the bag if you are reading this? Get back to your eyeballing!

Did 60 seconds pass this time? Good. Now close your eyes. If you performed this trick right, you should see a busted and beaten up leather bag imprinted on the back of your eyelids.

What's that? This is not magic? I just told you to look at something really hard and you just ended up disappointed? Well never fear, aficionados! This wasn't the magic trick! This was an object lesson! And the lesson is, sometimes bad luck is just bad luck, and no amount of staring a problem down and trying to intimidate it into growing back its luster will get you anywhere. Maybe unless you are the Undertaker. And only then under threat of a Tombstone Piledriver.

For the rest of us non-WWE multiple-time world champions out there, we gotta be proactive if we want to get our leather back up to snuff. But what if our leather is just really beat up? I mean, really, really beat up, like Triple H that one time Randy Orton went an unhinged revenge streak? Cracks, cuts, dents, blemish - the whole shebang? What happens when even heavyweight Water Protectant No.3 can't manage to pretty up the scars, as my leather's life hangs by a thread? Who can possibly save my leather now?

Healing Balm would like to have words with your leather.

Well, we've got an answer for that too, amigos. Today, we're gonna take our Premium Healing Balm out for a spin, and show you the stuff it's made of.

Check out this leather bag. It's not looking great. Solid grain, nice color, strong texture, and all of that stymied by neglect and really bad luck. It's kind of enough to get me tearing up, really, and I don't get teary-eyed for just anything.

More catastrophe. What was this bag even trying to do?

I'm starting to get all existential here. What a crisis!

Sometimes the leather giveth, and sometimes, the leather really, really taketh your zen away.

I don't even know what kind of look it's going for anymore. Choose a color and stick with it, yeah bag?

You're pretty good at unraveling things, Buster? 'Cause you've got my heartstrings all tied up in knots!

Okay, so it's pretty well established we've got a pretty grande-sized problemo here. And now, aficionados, you get to see our magic trick. Feast your eyes, after this little dollop of Healing Balm has had its way!

What's that, you can hardly recognize the leather? It's like we just magicked a new, fresh bag out of thin air? Well, maybe. It's entirely possible we're just a bunch of wizards up to no good, making the world into a shinier, pizzazz-ier place, one Healing Balm tin at a time.

As a matter of fact, I'd say that that's entirely probable.

There's only one way to find out, of course! Check our Healing Balm out for yourselves, aficionados, and if you aren't 100% satisfied, it's your money back! We're just that confident.

Hope you've enjoyed, everyone. Contact us anytime at if you have any questions, and check out our Healing Balm Guide for more exciting tips and details about our Premium Healing Balm recipes. Hope you have an awesome day!