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Handy Tips for Maintaining Your Leather Recliner

Handy Tips for Maintaining Your Leather Recliner

Posted by Leather Milk Customer Orders on Mar 3rd 2018

Hello Leather Aficionados! Today we've got a friend from TechRogers, one sweet, online hotspot for all manner of tips & trivia on just about anything, from furniture care to self-driving cars to airless paint sprayers! Y'know, the kind of place where you see an interesting article, look at your clock, say to yourself "I'll just spend fifteen minutes," and three hours later you're reading Elon Musk's take on the impending challenges of a post-artificial intelligence society. That kinda place! So addicting! Well today, with a brand new piece fresh out of the brain of our good friend Kate, we've got Handy Tips for Maintaining Your Leather Recliner! Take it away, ole-buddy-ole-pal!

One should consider maintaining leather recliners on daily basis for long-term use. Leather recliners in particular are in high demand for their beauty and it is easy to clean and maintain them rather wooden furniture. Well, it is quick, easy and simple. One of the advantages of leather furniture is that it rarely requires professional cleaning and you can do almost everything yourself. If you have a leather recliner, or are considering getting one, you should keep these things in mind:

  1. Vacuuming & cleaning: You will need a vacuum and some leather cleaner. First thing that you need to do is to vacuum your leather recliner using a small handy vacuum available in the markets. You can also buy this handy vacuum from online stores such as Amazon. I would recommend you to vacuum your sofa once a month. You can use any cleaner designed for leather (such as Leather Milk’s Straight Cleaner), and apply it softly on the leather recliner.
  2. Conditioning: Conditioning your leather furniture is important; it is just like cleaning your skin. The more you condition it, the soft and beautiful it will stay. Chamberlain’s Furniture Treatment is a great leather conditioning formula for all your leather furnishings.
  3. Use a damp cloth: Using a damp cloth for routine cleaning, knocking off surface dust and debris every few days, will keep your leather recliner nice and beautiful for many years to come. Leather recliners are an important asset and it is part of house maintenance to take care of them and clean them properly.
  4. Avoid Sunlight: One important thing that you have to consider is to make sure that your leather recliner stays well-conditioned and well-furnished. Because, when the lather dries out, it cracks and gets scratched more easily. So, if it is winter season and you have got the heater on, then it is going to dry faster. So, make sure to condition it at least every six months. You can condition it more often for beautification purposes. Do not let your leather recliner be exposed to direct sunlight or otherwise, it may fade out and the beauty of your leather recliner is lost.

It is good to buy maintenance equipment for the highest rated recliner that you have just bought or that has got exposed to cracks and scratches.

Advanced Tips & Suggestions: Another important thing to consider is to remove any debris, coins or crumbs from your leather recliner. So, it is better to vacuum, as much as possible and remove the cushions, wash them and put them on again. Do not let your pet or cat to climb on your leather recliner otherwise; they may damage it by rubbing themselves against it. You can buy a leather conditioner from your nearest store. So, sprinkle leather conditioner on leather and use cloth to moisturize the skin of your leather recliner.

Do not skip any parts while applying leather conditioner otherwise; you will start seeing crack and scratches after few months. You should not blame the shopkeeper or dealer because he is not responsible for maintenance of your leather recliner. You can ask him for some tips regarding maintenance of your leather recliner. It would end up cracking if you leave any part of the leather dry. That crack can cause the rest of the leather to tear as well. Use wipes to give a good smell to your leather recliner.

Thanks for the tips, Kate!
--Leather Milk Team