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We keep things pretty simple here at Leather Milk. It is easy to K.I.S.S. when you have the best leather care products on the planet, and are confident of such boasts.

That said, we know there are tons of leather care options out there. You’re likely here because you heard from your spouse’s best friend’s husband’s father-in-law that Leather Milk is too-legit-to-quit. But, don’t just take his word for it…

We understand it is also a bit nerve-racking to put anything on your prized leather…all of these types of psychological roadblocks have the potential to rob you of experiencing Leather Milk…and…of course…rob us of collecting currency in exchange for our products…which made our list of goals for the year.

If you’re struggling to make the purchase for any reason rest assured: We have a 100% money back guarantee. What does that mean?

  1. If you’re not 100% satisfied with Leather Milk simply contact us within 30 days to arrange a refund or exchange. We will cover the return shipping, and/or send replacements. (Of course, we’d love to know why if you’d be so kind as to share that with us – it’s how we continue to improve and perfect what we do around here)
  2. Yes, we know, we know: If we ship it to you for free, refund your order, and then pay to ship it back if you aren’t 100% satisfied we lose money. That’s our way of saying, “If your spouse’s best friend’s husband’s father-in-law told you that Leather Milk is too-legit-to-quit, but that’s not enough for you – not to worry! There’s no risk other than having to call that acquaintance a liar if you, and your leather don’t love The Milk.
  3. If you just change your mind: Let’s say you purchased the product, but changed your mind after you received it…in other words, you weren’t dissatisfied in any way, then we’re still happy to refund your money – we just ask you to cover the return shipping, which is typically a few bucks depending on where you call home.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at – we respond to emails within 24 hours. If that’s not fast enough give us a call! 855-645-5007 option 1 for customer service. We have one of those high tech VOIP phone systems, which ring our mobile phones allowing us to be reached wherever we are in the world. If we can’t answer we’ll return your call asap (If you leave a message, of course)


1) Water Protectant #3 used on lighter shades of leather ignoring the warning “this will darken your leather.”

2) Product returned, half full, after 32 years.

3) Customer’s slacker offspring misinterpreted meaning of ‘LeatherMilk’ and used it in their cereal; this had a negative effect on the cereal product, and caused some temporary stomach discomfort.

4) Product container damaged by customer’s dog, cat, fish, or guinea pig.

5) Customer contaminated all natural Leather Milk by allowing it to come into contact with inferior chemical leather care products from our competitors resulting in a science project gone bad.

6) Product container damaged by customer with severe OCD from excessive tightening/loosening of cap.

7) Very famous female customer, based upon speculation that our products contain collagen, injected Leather Milk into her lips, resulting in a soft and full effect, but also displaying a somewhat leathery texture.

Please contact us with your questions and concerns, and we will always make every effort to help you!


Cancellations are permitted anytime before you receive the product.

Privacy Policy

We do not disclose credit card information to any third parties.