Temporary-House Wifey Reviews Leather Milk!

Temporary-House Wifey Reviews Leather Milk!

Hello aficionados! We found another wonderful blog for you to keep up with! The Temporary-House Wifey is managed by internet luminary Elaine, and her blog is a sentimental record of her journeys, where invaluable life lessons, zany anecdotes, and smart, insightful product reviews converge.

So you might be wondering about now whether the title in this blog post is a typo – where one handy-dandy hyphen was placed conspicuously between “Temporary” and “House” instead of the other way, spelling: “House-Wifey.” And now that I’ve pointed out this fact, I bet you’re on to my game – this title is no glitch. It’s a feature! Never doubt me, dear reader! Elaine, though previously a temporary housewife, is now transitioning into the illustrious lifestyle of a temporary-house wife. It’s a curious little nuance, and has everything to do with Elain’s exciting new family business venture, GoSilver, and one rockin’ awesome hubby.

Make sure to check out all that wordplay fun at Elaine’s blog though, along with her enthusiasm and detailed reviews on Everlane, Grana, and most recently, Leather Milk!


The first one I tried out was their new Leather Milk No. 1 which “conditions and rejuvenates”.  Well my Mansur Gavriel lady bag (which I had protected earlier with Chamberlain’s no. 3 formula last year), was looking a bit scratched up.  I don’t even use the bag that often but the leather does scratch up easily.

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And the leather milk worked!  It made all the small, superficial scratches disappear. …In some ways, now that the shallow scratches are gone I feel like I notice the deeper scratches more.  …Well that’s just a part of life, it’s bound to happen (#handbagphilosophy).

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So if you’re looking for something to protect and condition all your leather goods, I can’t recommend Chamberlain’s products enough.  Their products are non-toxic and they work! A quick scroll through their blog shows you how well they know how to take care of leather.  I’m tempted to go thrift shopping and find the most beat up leather item and see if I can’t make it look as good as new with their products.

Thanks for the shout-out, Elaine, and we’re looking forward to reading more of your top-notch writing! Check out Elaine’s full review here for an in-depth review – a visual journey where Temporary-House Wifey puts Leather Milk to the test – and more exciting content!

Temporary-House Wifey Leather Milk Review

Thanks Elaine!
— Leather Milk Team


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