Saddlebox’s Surprise Box of the Month!

Saddlebox’s Surprise Box of the Month!

Good afternoon leather aficionados! We just made a wonderful new friend today: he’s an athletic champion, a prize winner, a devoted family member, and walks around on four hooves. Meet Dash the Mini, proud mascot of Saddlebox!

Saddlebox Mascot Dash the Mini

You know how sentimental we can be here at the Milk Farm, but if you could see the kind of work Dash and his friends are doing to help the world, you’d shed a tear too. Saddlebox is a subscription based surprise box sent out monthly, filled with exciting goods and trinkets tested personally by Dash himself! Be it treats, grooming products, surprises for horse-loving humans, or (if you are lucky) a single $100 gift card placed in one box randomly every month – you’ll have no end of surprises and smiles waiting for you every month with a Saddlebox subscription! But that’s not the end of the surprises: for each subscription, Saddlebox devotes a portion of its profits to help abused and abandoned horses find loving homes they deserve.

Saddlebox Youtube Channel

Through thorough research and correspondence, Saddlebox assembles a list of energetic organizations devoted to helping horses down on their luck, and pours money into helping these organizations do their good work. Among this current roster you’ll find Another Chance Equine Rescue, Coast to Coast Draft Horse Connection, Voice for Horses Rescue Network, and many more. Each year, Saddlebox adds to their list of rescue organizations to create a powerful network of benefactors that will ensure no horse need die alone and abandoned again.


We recently had the chance to send Dash one of our favorite Leather Milk formulas – Saddle & Tack Salve No. 8 – to try out on his favorite saddles. To our mutual delight, Dash loved the recipe, and we’ve agreed to send out samples of No.8 to every Saddlebox subscriber in their upcoming bundle! Saddlebox family, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to participate in your noble mission, and we hope everyone reading this blog will take some time to check out what Saddlebox has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

Best of wishes, Dash the Mini!
— Leather Milk Team



What is Saddle & Tack Salve No.8? Leather Milk’s new rejuvenating leather conditioner, designed especially for fine leather tack & saddlery! Made from a meticulous mélange of vital emollients, nutrients and powerful UV protectants, this recipe will condition, preserve and protect your leather like nothing else. Bring this recipe on your journeys with you and never fret over the dust and sweltering heat again! For more information, visit our Saddle & Tack Salve Guide for more handy recipe tips and trivia!