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  1. The "Genuine Leather" Myth: HA! DON'T FALL FOR IT! This misleading marketing team has been used to trick customers into thinking they are buying something of quality. It ACTUALLY refers to the BOTTOM end of all leather types. Yep, you read that correctly. With any type of genuine leather you will notice a fuse of many layers of low quality leather bound together with glue, and then [typically] painted as a sneaky disguise. Ouch. Sorry, but you're welcome. Makers of "genuine leather" products have done the consumer a disservice by boasting this adjective [genuine] as a positive one.

  2. Did you know the early days of tanning leather was done using animal guts and other natural resources? Crazy, right? Since then, leather tanning refined into a process known as vegetable tanning, and then streamlined into the process known as chrome tanning, which is now responsible for a large percentage of all leathers produced!

  3. "Help! My beloved furry friend scratched my expensive leather!" Never fear, our Leather Healing Balm's primary use is to repair those pesky scratches, and, in most cases will leave your leather looking like new again.

  4. Cleaning and conditioning your leather is truly important! (We know, of course the producers of fine leather care products WOULD say that.) But for real, leather was just like your own skin once upon a time; tough and long-lasting to protect the beast it was covering. After that skin is transformed into leather its ability to wash itself, and produce oil ceases. A good cleaner will keep your hide cleansed, while a quality conditioner will mimic the original oils that were so vital when the skin was alive.

  5. Did you know leather can last a lifetime - even sever lifetimes - with proper care and a little love?! Care for your leather, treat it routinely, and it will be with you for the long haul, even as an heirloom for generations to come!