Feedspot’s Top Leather Blogs

Feedspot’s Top Leather Blogs

Well hello Mr. Sunshine, I think I will have myself a cup of coffee, thank you very much! What’s that? Leather Milk was just named one of the very best leather-themed blogs on the ‘net? What’s that? We’re #15, specifically? What’s that? We’ve got a shiny new badge to show off too? Well, dear me! I’d better rub the sleep out of my eyes so I can take a look at this li’l ole thing here!

Is it weird that I keep hearing the chorus of Handel's Messiah when I look at this picture?
Is it weird that I keep hearing the chorus of Handel’s Messiah when I look at this picture?

So, basically what just happened here goes like this. Feedspot’s an awesome site – a finely-tweaked RSS reader that delivers you the great expanse of the internet on a golden platter. (For the unawares, RSS readers are tools that scan your favorite websites and notify you of any updates to them in a single place, so you don’t have to visit twenty-some websites everyday looking for updates. Handy!) Per its sworn duty of delivering and introducing awesome content to you from the far reaches of the web, water cooler chat style, Feedspot decided to make a feature on its favorite leather blogs. You can probably imagine the grin I’m wearing about making this list. Check the full list out here! (#12 looks very familiar for some reason…)

Well, zounds. Thanks Feedspot, and Auj Agarwal, resident tech genius and found of Feedspot! We are high-fiving our computer screens, so in the event you see this blog post, please also high-five your computer screen so we verify that we have made a successful high-five with you over our computer screens! And don’t forget to check out Feedspot for all your news-finding needs, and Leather Care Liniment to preserve that beautiful leather upon which your mouse currently sits, which takes you to all those awesome news clippings. It all comes together, see.

Thanks Feedspot!
–Leather Milk Team