EZVID Wiki’s Top 8 Leather Conditioners

EZVid Wiki's Top 8 Leather Conditioners

EZVID Wiki’s Top 8 Leather Conditioners

Aficionados, we are having a wonderful December! Recently, Leather Care Liniment No. 1 received an illustrious award, making EZvid Wiki’s Top 8 Leather Conditioners of 2016. For the unawares, EZVid is the world’s very first video wiki, founded in 2011 as a small, user-generated forum, and since evolving into the world’s most comprehensive video wiki boasting 100,000 Youtube subscribers, a place among United State’s top 4,000 most-visited websites, and over 1 million unique viewers every month. It’s an impressive site with endless utility, offering a wealth of free-to-use sources of thoroughly researched, authoritative information and media content.

So you can imagine how excited we were to see Leather Milk place #2 on EZvid’s top-ranked leather conditioners on the market! This ranking was the result of thirty-two hours of research by professionals in a “broad-ranging, impartial assessment of leather conditioner options available to consumers.”

Check out EZvid’s Top 8 Leather Conditioners of 2016 featuring Leather Milk!

“A bottle of Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Leather Care Liniment No. 1 was originally formulated for, and exclusively used by, Saddleback Leather Company. If it’s good enough for a bunch of cowboys, chances are it will serve you fine.”

Thanks a million EZvid Wiki!

If you are looking for a leather care recipe safe to use on your beautiful new leather handbag or briefcase, look no further than Leather Care Liniment. This efficient, water-based concoction of vital oils, nutrients, and other mystical properties replenishes your leather’s natural oils, bringing quality leather back from the dead to near new condition. For more information, visit our Leather Care Liniment Guide for more handy recipe tips and trivia!

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