The Boot Guy Reviews Leather Milk!

The Boot Guy Reviews Leather Milk!

Salutations leather aficionados one and all! We are tickled pink to introduce you to a new friend of ours: The Boot Guy!

For the uninitiated, Isaac, aka The Boot Guy, is a Youtube and internet celebrity who’s made his name over 25 years of quality video work documenting rugged and fashionable leather, and the best things to treat it with. We recently contacted The Boot Guy to see if he would like to give Leather Milk a spin. To our delight, he enthusiastically accepted! Over the course of eight weeks, Isaac has tested three of our formulas: Boot & Shoe Cream, Water Protectant, and Healing Balm – on a variety of leather objects, and shares his thoughts about each recipe as he walks you through how he applied them. We were so excited to watch this video for the first time, and we’d love for you to check The Boot Guy’s latest video out for yourself, for a concise and educational demonstration of how to use Leather Milk, and what kind of results you can expect. But don’t take our word – let Isaac’s art speak for itself!

The Boot Guy Youtube Channel

After all, I am the boot guy, and I am always on the hunt for some kick ass boot care products.


The Boot Guy treats three principal leather objects. The first of these is a vintage BOYT shotgun case, purchased mid-1970s from a shop that no longer exists (Bright & Johnson), and decoratively dressed in leather straps and other sections, fully vegetable-tanned. Suffice it to say, the leather looks gorgeous on its own, and I was impressed it looked so good before it was treated, as, according to Isaac, the leather had never once been treated ever since it was purchased. As Isaac began to dress the shotgun case up with some proper conditioner – Chamberlain’s Healing Balm – the transformation was easy to see, transforming a beautiful (but pale) hide into rich, deeply colored leather. Isaac waited two days to observe the conditioner’s full effects, and finally remarked: “It doesn’t feel like a coating; it feels like it’s something that’s sucking into the leather and just getting into all those nooks and crannies.”


Twenty years of love has been poured into this belt. After all, I bought this belt on my first road trip to Roswell.

Next, The Boot Guy treated one of his personal favorite leather items – a 20 year-old custom leather belt, purchased in Arizona. Over the years, the belt had taken on a lot of aesthetic character in its hide, but was exceptionally dry. Determined to fix this, Isaac applied Boot & Shoe Cream No.6 to the leather, and the transformation was similarly magical. Complimenting Boot & Shoe Cream’s classic fresh-leathery scent, Isaac marveled at how the conditioner so easily wiped away years of dirt and neglect, and made special note of the formula’s natural, cosmetic-grade make, safe for human hands. Reflecting on the final results, Isaac stated: “This belt looks amazing. I really wish these colors would come through more on camera, so you could see exactly. But what once was a really dry, and just – I wouldn’t say crappy looking. I mean it had a lot of character, but man. This is just beautiful.”

You just might make us blush, Isaac!


A few days later,I looked down at my double H ropers after being caught in a downpour walking back from an Amtrack, and said to myself, this is a job for Water Protectant Formula No. 3.

Finally, Isaac took to his last mad science experiment – Water Protectant No. 3 on a prize pair of Double-H Roper boots, oil-tanned, with a sew-down welt. Isaac expressed specific concern about reaching the hard-to-reach areas inside the welt, as less accessibility meant less evenness of color and a dryer texture. Isaac had been accustomed to using mink oil on the leather, which got plenty of action and frequent exposure to weather. Looking a little in need of some good ole TLC from a long day on the road, Isaac dove in with Leather Milk.


The results were marvellous, as he demonstrated Water Protectant’s darkening effects by showing one treated boot next to another untreated one. Happily, Water Protectant’s expert amalgam of oils and waxes penetrated the boots welts with ease. In Isaac’s own words, it was “drastically different.” Good job, li’l Water Protectant. We’re so proud of you.

Isaac, we’re so happy you had the chance to try out Leather Milk, and thanks for the awesome feature! Do yourselves a favor, aficionados, and check out The Boot Guy’s own website. Here you’ll find a veritable guru of leather care and fashion knowledge presented with a signature charm.


Thanks The Boot Guy!
–Leather Milk Team