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"'s time to restore the oils and nutrients that make the leather pliable and healthy. There are many products available for this purpose, but in my opinion, few can compete with Chamberlain's Leather Milk No. 1."

Zachary Shenal

Photographer & Blogger for HuckBerry, Outward Bound

"This conditioner is simply astounding! I used it on an old, old bag and it softened the leather and renewed the color. I used it on my briefcase and scratches and marks disappeared! I even used it on a leather duster I have, and not only did it restore the leather, it also smells nice! Some leather products are chemically based and it shows in the nose! Not Leather Milk! Now, if it would only work on my face, to remove wrinkles, soften the skin, get rid of them nasty old age spots...alas, I guess only my leather goods will benefit. Buy some, use it, enjoy it, your leather will thank you for it! There is one problem with Leather Milk that you should know about before you purchase. You won't be able to buy just one bottle! Once you see what it does for your leather goods, you, and your leather, will be hooked! This is a great product, by a great company, the performs a great what's not to love?"

Tim G.

Amazon Customer

"There isn't more that can be said about this product that other reviewers haven't already said... except that this stuff is MAGIC. Scratches on my leather disappear after application. Even my favorite scratches. Yes, I have favorites. And I'm sure for those of you who love leather, you do too. You know the ones I'm talking about? The ones that you keep inspecting after you get them? Yeah, those. You probably don't call them "favorites," but why then, do you keep checking up on them as if they were a 'favorite' sick friend? When I first started using it, I was somewhat doubtful. I have some very light colored leather products, and I was somewhat anxious about them getting stained a darker shade. Nevertheless, I took a chance, and put copious amounts of this magic liquid all over my light colored leathers (Tobacco Brown from Saddleback if anyone's curious). I figured that if I could get an even coating all around, I'd be 'ok' with it being a little darker. maybe. EDIT: Please do note that your lighter colored leathers may still darken regardless as they age, either from frequency of use (and the oils in your skin), or just being brought out in the sun! This patina is normally sought after! Obviously while wet, the leather did look darker, and makes it a little easier to spot the places that you haven't applied the liniment to. Use the darkness. Let it be your guide. If you are like me, you want to get the stuff into those little folds too. You might spend a little time caressing the bag, smelling this lovely liniment as its being applied to the bag. Sometimes, you might even... place a light kiss or two on the bag. maybe. Anyway, no worries if you get the stuff on your lips, this potion is ALL NATURAL. Drink it mixed in with your whiskey, I did. maybe. By the way, the darkened parts of the leather returned to their original coloring within an hour or so (I sneakily compared it to some spots that I missed... or did I miss them? Is 'sneakily' even a word?). Give it a bit of time to get adjusted. The bag is all confused as to whats going on, the liniment is all like, 'Where am I?" be patient with them. Let them work their magic on each other at their own pace. I also used this on other branded products. One example: My wife loves "Hermes" leather goods. Yeah. One bag is like 800 of my Saddleback bags, and she tells me that I have too many bags. Go figure. Anyway, one day I was messing around with her stuff... maybe. And...oops! Something 'may' have scratched it. I mean, I 'found' a scratch on it. Slightly desperate, I grabbed my Chamberlain's and dabbed it on. 20 minutes later, no marks. Couldn't even find the original scratch (and I tried - there was just too much riding on the line!)! When it dried, it was completely smooth. No splotches, no marks. I didn't even apply an smooth and even layer all around (I was not sure what would happen to the leather, and wanted to 'mitigate damages' as it is sometimes called). Saved my @$$ is what it did. Now, I couldn't say that it would 'heal' deep scratches. But for those minor everyday scratches, you might be surprised! Chamberlain's Leather Milk Liniment No. 1 is basically my 'go to' conditioner whenever I have a leather question. And it tastes great with whiskey! maybe. For those of you who hate it, I'm sorry for you. I hope you can find something you love. I love this liniment merely for the above sited example, and I plan on staying with Chamberlain's Leather Milk for my leather care until my kids inherit my stuff. Then, I'm going to tell them to go with it as well. Yeah, from beyond the grave. My kids are going to go to some fortune telling oracle or something, ask if there is any bit of wisdom that 'dad' wants to tell them, and the oracle is going to say, "He says to use Chamberlain's Leather Milk Liniments on his leather." It will be that creepy. Finally, I trust it. No maybe's about it. For those of you who think I might be affiliated with this company in some way, would I really mention the brand of bags that my wife prefers if I were? Probably not. And I'm pretty sure that Leather Milk representatives would not tell you to drink the stuff either (with your whiskey - though they might tell you to do it with your morning coffee...) maybe.

So, thanks for reading my review. Hope it was helpful. Hope that if you ever come across a situation like mine, you'll know where to look!"


Amazon Customer

"Our specialty is restoring classic automobiles to showroom condition, both inside and out.  When I have a special leather interior to clean and condition, I want something that rejuvenates the leather and really makes it stand out; and, I want a product that is safe to use on vintage leather surfaces.  I really like Chamberlain's Leather Milk  for all of these reasons, and I recommend it enthusiastically! "

Steve Fox


“I gave my sister one of my “previously loved” tobacco briefcases for Christmas.  Since I’d carried it for a bit, I was a bit concerned that it might not meet her expectations of Saddleback products (much less getting something “used”).  So, I decided to invest a little time and effort loving my bag back into shape with Chamberlain’s Leather Milk #1 and see how it went ...

Wow, was I pleasantly blown away!  I spent about 30 minutes thoroughly cleaning and enriching the leather with this incredible ointment and transformed my bag into looking (and feeling) better than the day I got it.  Chamberlain Leather Milk #1 renewed my tobacco briefcase so it looked new, but with an “old world” quality feel.  And the enriched color — superb!

And, it goes without saying how THRILLED my sister was about her surprise ... but I’ll say it anyway.  I’ve never had her thank me more for a gift.  And yes, she has it with her every time I see her!  She even talked my mom out of the checkbook cover I gave her ... go figure.”

Chuck Bowen

TrueBlue Production, Fine Leather Manufacturing | Managing Partner / Saddleback Leather Company | CEO

"We have a small boutique and working studio in Friday Harbor, Washington, where we make leather handbags to order and sell our production line, Momentum Handbag. I notice a shopper's bag before I see her face, so, if it's a great leather bag in shabby shape, I will ask if I can use my Chamberlain's on it to make her bag look new. Part of that is to bless her, but mostly to satisfy my obsessive curiosity to see what will happen. She invariably says yes, and we are both kind of relieved and happy when it works its magic mojo, because our lives revolve around our handbags. Chamberlain's Leather Milk should be called 'Wow, Check THAT Out!!' or 'Whoa, Did That Just Happen?!' P.S. I actually used the #3 Water Protectant to buff up a wooden antique screen that we use as a divider in the store. Just sayin'."

Winnie Brumsickle

Owner/Operator of Momentum Handbag

"My name is Michael Paratore and I semi-recently quit my job as a corporate lawyer to start a hand-made leather shoe company called mohinders ( Our first shoe, which we call the City Slipper, is made of vegetable tanned leather that is pretty stiff, dry and unwieldy after the tanning process. As a result, we needed to soften up our shoes prior to shipping them to the end customer. We tried several products (Leather Honey, Bick 4, Neatsfoot and others) and none worked like Chamberlain’s Leather Milk No. 1. It softened and conditioned the leather in our shoes perfectly! It also didn't cause any discoloration to the leather, which was very important to us. And, to top it all off, Leather Milk smells delicious…like almond pastries! I like it so much that we've added a step to our finishing process that I call “Finishing Step 2: Hand-massaging with Leather Milk.”

Michael Paratore

Mohinders, "The Holy Grail of Shoes"