WiseBread’s 5 Best Leather Cleaners

5 Best Leather Cleaners

WiseBread’s 5 Best Leather Cleaners

Looking for the best leather cleaners on the market? WiseBread might have some ideas for you!

As a student of the Jack Kerouac lifestyle, traveling these gravel-clad roads of the new American highway frontier a perennial nomad, I know well the importance of frugal living. In my many journeys across that other great frontier, the world wide web, there are few digital sojourns I have found more edifying than WiseBread.com.

Living large on a small budget – that’s the WiseBread motto! Operating out of the green, homely sprawl that is West Covina, California, WiseBread is a dedicated community of bloggers who unite to create a comprehensive encyclopedia of fiscal wisdom for bread-and-butter folks like myself. In one article “The 5 Best Leather Cleaners,” our own Leather Care Liniment was featured as one of the best leather care products on the market. Check it out here!

We’re excited to see Leather Milk tease WiseBread’s discretionary palate! If you haven’t check them out before, and could use a little frugal how-to, be sure to check out WiseBread’s website!


If you are looking for a leather care recipe safe to use on your beautiful new leather handbag or briefcase, look no further than Leather Care Liniment. This efficient, water-based concoction of vital oils, nutrients, and other mystical properties replenishes your leather’s natural oils, bringing quality leather back from the dead to near new condition. For more information, visit our Leather Care Liniment Guide for more handy recipe tips and trivia!

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