Coach Leather Care

Coach Leather Care

Coach leather is among the most luxurious of its kind. If you have a Coach leather bag, be it the Turnlock Tote, the Hudson 5, or one of Coach’s classic Saddle Bags – count yourself fortunate. You’ve found a treasure likely to last you some time. In fact, one of the more common questions we receive here at the Milk Farm is how to take care of expensive leathers such as these. While Coach has their own brand of leather care products which they recommend treating their leather with, should you find yourself in a situation where your Coach leather bag needs care and you want Leather Milk to perform the task, here’s where you can find out how to do it.

Coach uses a large variety of leathers for their products, ranging from suede all the way to crocodile embossed cowhide and calfskin. It pays to know the type of leather you are treating before you treat it. Coach actually lists the different varieties of leather they carry on their website, so we’ll give you the rundown about these varieties below.

Soft Leather

Coach likes delicate, natural leathers. These possess a soft texture, are easily pliable, and very absorbent. Due to most of Coach leather being semi-aniline in make, treatment can be a little more taxing, yet equally rewarding. Smooth Calf, Soft Calf, and Glovetanned leather all fall under this category. When you go to treat them with a conditioner or cleaner, you’re going to notice right away how quickly your treatment will penetrate the leather. We’re talking to the degree that it will spend almost no time on the surface at all. So use light, even portions of treatment at a time, and never apply more than can naturally absorb. Go gently.

Embossed Leather

A similar leather that’s common in the Coach line is embossed leather. This is leather that’s been printed with an aesthetically pleasing surface pattern. Crossgrain, Pebble, Crocodile, Snakeskin, Printed, and Exotic are all examples of this. There’s usually not too much trick here – the embossed effect is present, but the leather itself may not be altogether different than any other type of leather. Coach may use a variety of base leather types for achieving this effect, be it Vachetta, British Tan, Bridle Leather, or any other variety. Typically, Coach embossed leather will be safe to treat using ordinary treatment routines, but it’s definitely important to test Leather Milk – or any other treatment – first in a discreet area before you begin.


Coach loves suede leathers, and so do we! Unfortunately, conventional leather care doesn’t work on this type of leather, due to it being so unusually porous and vulnerable to stain. Suede’s been cut down to a very thin portion of the original leather it came from, and because of this, functions differently from regular leather. Coach makes Suede and many other suede-like leathers, such as Haircalf and Sheerling – the latter two of which may actually contain a lovely nap (which is equally unforgiving of oils and conventional leather conditioners). When you treat these leathers, try to use Coach products exclusively, or at least procure a suede leather conditioner and cleaner to use instead.

Metallic Leather

Metallic leather is a little finicky – it’s leather, but with an honest-to-goodness layer of metallic coating. This can complicate treatment for the leather, so it’s best to use a Coach product on this one. Should you use any other leather treatment, test first and apply gently.

Parting Advice

This covers most of Coach’s bases. It goes without saying, follow any leather care instructions included with your Coach bag as well as you can. It also couldn’t hurt to do your own online research – just like you are doing right now! Good on you! Be gentle with your leather, and take the amount of time necessary to ensure that it’s getting safe treatment. You can always add more treatment if you need, but you can’t add less. For more information about using our Leather Milk recipes, you can check out our leather care guides listed on every product page. Or, to grab a bottle of Leather Milk for your Coach item today head over to the Leather Milk Store!


Hope this helps!